What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a debilitating condition that affects a large number of people. To try and explain in depth is difficult as it affects everyone in different ways. For some people, it can make tasks that are usually manageable seem daunting, affect sleep patterns and impact concentration. Some people who suffer from severe anxiety have panic attacks.

We all know someone in our lives that has experienced panic episodes or is dealing with anxiety 24/7. After all, it has become increasingly widespread over the years: it’s now the most common mental disorder in the US and affects over 8 million people in the UK. While some consider anxiety to mainly affect young people, it impacts people in any given age group, affecting careers, hobbies and relationships.

What Causes Anxiety?

A huge number of things can cause anxiety. Specific events like traumatic past experiences can be a cause, but it can also be triggered from high stress periods in life such as starting university, having a stressful job or a busy homelife. Other times, there’s no obvious trigger; the chemicals in the brain are simply out of balance.

Panic attacks can be caused by a number of reasons too. Reminders of traumatic events, crowded places, overstimulation or an unforeseen event (just to name a few!) can trigger the panic attack at any given time, but the triggers vary from person to person.

How do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

It can be difficult to differentiate between normal levels of stress and worry and medical anxiety. The best thing to do is visit your GP. They’ll be able to diagnose anxiety and offer ways of coping with the effects. (It’s worth noting that CBD oil for anxiety is not yet prescribed by doctors in the UK, but medical research suggests that it is a fantastic way to take control of your anxiety.)

Most anxiety sufferers usually show signs of extreme distress with symptoms including a rapid heart rate, fast breathing, sweating, nausea, shakes, panic attacks or vertigo. These signs that affect 1 out of 4 of the population every day -- and is only continuing to increase.

CBD for Anxiety

CBD is the most studied part in the marijuana plant and has taken the world of science, medicine, and people with debilitating illnesses by storm. The research made through human and animal testing has determined that CBD has a strong relaxing and calming effect that relieves anxiety sufferers.


CBD Drops

The use of CBD drops is proven to be 100% safe. Drops from the Natural Hemp Company are an allergen free way to relieve different symptoms of anxiety.

CBD for anxiety can relieve:

  • Panic attacks - CBD can help to keep panic attacks at bay or reduce how likely it is for them to occur.

  • Social anxiety - CBD oil can help with feeling confident in social situations whether it’s meeting up with old friends or asking for help from a supermarket assistant.

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) - Research suggests that CBD oil can help PTSD attacks to happen far less often and reduce the severity of the symptoms.

  • Anxiety and depression - with CBD having natural calming and mood enhancing effects, it can reduce anxiety associated with depression.

It is clear from medical research and real life testimonials that CBD is one of the best ways to tackle every day anxiety. It’s at its most effective when paired with other practical steps and processes such as counselling, stress management or other support advised by doctors.

How Does CBD Work For Anxiety?

CBD is a form of cannabidiol that’s legal and safe for daily use. It stimulates a variety of neural connections in the brain, which has led many medical researchers to conclude that ingesting drops of CBD oil for anxiety is an effective method to reduce the symptoms. Whether straight the bottle or applied directly into water, CBD is a great way to support your healing.


Does CBD Cure Anxiety?

Despite the cases circulating in the media and online, claiming that CBD has cured certain individuals of cancer and other life threatening illnesses, medical researchers cannot yet say CBD is the sole reason for recovery. However, the huge number of case studies and individuals claiming relief from anxiety strongly supports the use of CBD to aid anxiety symptoms. CBD is constantly being studied further to find out the full range of disorders and illnesses that it could help.

Many individuals have come forward with personal testimonies as to the power of CBD oil for anxiety. After taking 2-3 drops a day of as little as 5% CBD oil, people have experienced a higher quality of day-to-day life, especially when it comes to social activities and working in busy environments. Some go as so far to say that they feel far more free of their anxiety than with antidepressants and without any of the possible dreadful side-effects they entail.


CBD for Anxiety

If you’re looking for relief from anxiety, why not try CBD oil. We recommend a very minimum of 5% in order to see noticable effects. Explore our water soluble drops or range of premium CBD drops.