Pets are no different to a family member, you love them unconditionally, you would do anything for them and would help them through the good and the bad.
As part of life our pets can develop issues like anxiety, arthritis and even depression. 
While upsetting to say the least it can happen to any of our four legged friends and that means forking out tons of money to help them deal with it. Or do we?
Here is why we think CBD will help your pets both in health and in spirit!

Benefits Of CBD Drops For Pets

Just like people, CBD drops for pets acts by targeting the receptors located in the brain, organs and immune system. This is why it is possible to have so many benefits for your furry family.

Our pets mean the world to us, so much so that when they become unwell it is just as heartbreaking as if our human family were to fall ill- and it may not always be beneficial for your pet to be prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that have a range of negative side effects. Just as in humans, CBD supports the ECS in  pets which can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, allergies, inflammation, seizures, arthritis and pain. A couple of drops a day could potentially revolutionise your pets quality of life and give them a new spring in their step.

Also, CBD drops for dogs will certainly help them during the firework seasons. It is notorious that bonfire night and New Years can reduce your dog to a nervous wreck. Give your pet some CBD drops, in readiness for the fireworks season. Be sure to invest in good quality CBD, so you know it is safe for your dog, cat or other small pets.


How To Use CBD For Cats & Dog

If you use CBD Drops, then you have already mastered it. The most effective way to consume CBD for a pet is under the tongue. You will certainly find that a dog, or cat does not hold it there very well but that is not an issue.
Even though dogs like it to lick it all up. You can just add the full two drops directly into the animals mouth and allow them time to slurp up the CBD!

You can also add the drops to their water bowl or food where they can lap it up as per usual.

For best results:

Shake Not Stir: Naturally, the hemp oil separates in the bottle, so all of the goodness may sit at the bottom of the bottle. It is best to shake your CBD oil for pets and give them a mixture of all of those wonderful cannabinoids.

More Than One Drop: Next you draw up some of the CBD oil into the pipette and drop two drops into the mouth of our dog, cat or small pet. As stated above, if you're struggling it may be best to put the drops into their food or their water bowl.
Try to avoid giving the pet a treat as the sugars may affect the CBD.

Just Repeat:

Thats it! You just have to do this twice a day. CBD sometimes works immediately, sometimes it doesn't. Just in case you should to take note of the changes to your pets behaviours over a two week period. This allows the CBD to fully take hold and works its magic. If there is still no improvements it may be a case of having to increase the dose or stop completely. Especially when we are talking about CBD oil for dogs, an increase dose may be needed.

Be sure to monitor your small animals when they start taking CBD.  Every pet is different and although very unlikely, it is important that you check for a worsening of their condition. Always consult your vet if your pet is on any tablets to ensure that there is no interference with the CBD drops for your pets.