What are the Benefits of CBD for Workouts?

Let's start on one of the main factors of exercise that uses the cliché (although still accurate) metaphor: "no pain, no gain." Whether you're lifting weights or pounding the treadmill, working any part of your body to its limit will cause you to ache in places you never even thought could get sore. Now, to the science behind it: when you're working your muscles harder than they are used to, they end up developing micro tears that your body needs to repair. This results in muscle growth and fitness levels rising, which is why you need to spend a day or two resting between workouts.

The speed of muscle recovery can vary with how each person's body deals with pain and repairing muscles. One method of speeding up the process commonly used in the fitness world is to get protein into your system. However, another method a lot of bodybuilders and athletes have been using in the last few years is CBD oil. As cannabidiol works with your endocannabinoid system to help your body repair the damaged cells faster and prolong your energy levels, you’ll be getting back to the gym and ready to work out without straining yourself!

Enhancing Your Fitness Mentality with CBD

Something we can all relate to when it comes to exercising - to shed those pounds or to up the muscle gain - is that exercise requires a lot of mental energy. Doing the same routine on the same days repeatedly can be very demotivating, which makes you less efficient overall when boredom ensues.

So how can you keep motivated with exercise? Well did you know our motivation and determination come from the same chemical in our head that triggers the “Happy Gland” aka Serotonin. What CBD does well is to help to improve and enhance your mood. Once CBD is in your system it triggers the Serotonin through its Co2, meaning it will make you feel a lot better and happier throughout the day, so you can go to training smiling and with a fire in your belly for fitness, also improving your quality of life, making it a win/win situation!

The Joys of Building Muscle with CBD

Everyone can agree that strength training is full of thrills and a lot of fun; I mean who doesn't want to wake up one morning looking good with toned muscles and abs made of steel or looking lean and seeing the shape you’ve dreamed of being in?

While strength training is varied and works all different muscle groups to become stronger, it is not something you can just stop doing completely. When you pack on muscle your body uses it to keep your fat burner running so you don't get that dreaded beer belly.

Now that in itself is an amazing thing to let happen if you want to be a slim jim. But for those who like to look strong and do body building competitively, it is not ideal to say the least. The muscle breakdown process involves cortisol, a catabolic hormone naturally produced by the body. You can prevent this by keeping up with your routine, but in some cases - particularly if you become severely ill or have an injury that you need to rest and recover from, you will have good old cortisol slowly undoing all the hard work you spent months achieving.

What if I told you there is a solution to the cortisol problem so you don't have to worry about muscle breakdown? CBD can counter the effects of cortisol as it prevents the effects normally occurring like with stress or inactivity, meaning if you had a sick week from the flu you wouldn't be losing any muscle tissue from laying at home with a hot water bottle.

Dieting with CBD Oil

Changing your food habits can be difficult; we all have our comfort foods and favourite meals we fancy, even on a good day. When it comes to losing weight or gaining weight in muscle, however, we need to eat the right amount and eat well.

The main problem when it comes to changing food or calorie counting is our hunger. Though we should be just having our three healthy meals a day, often we are also fancying snacks in between and even that chocolate bar that we were saving for our cheat snack at the end of the week! This is something that many people struggle with and can so easily undo all those gruelling hours on the treadmill.

CBD can help with that hunger problem. Unlike THC (found in cannabis strains that CBD is also derived from), which can make you feel like you haven't eaten in days despite eating plenty already, CBD has the opposite effect. It reduces hunger and urges to munch out on a big bag of crisps. Adding CBD drops to your food or taking a supplement capsule can really help keep your hunger in check, so you don't risk overeating throughout the day and can lose those pounds fast!

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